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Size: 9" by 12"

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Aida is 100% cotton, it is woven with an even and wide grid for ease of stitching.

The fabric count indicates how many stitches per inch there are. For example, 14 count (or 14ct) has 14 stitches per inch.  You may also stitch over 2 holes, which would make a 14ct fabric a 7ct fabric, or make a 28ct fabric a 14ct fabric.

The fabric cuts available are:

  • 9" by 12"
  • 12" by 18"
  • 18" by 24"


    To cross stitch on 14 ct fabric your best choice of needle is a Size 24 Tapestry Needle.  (Tapestry needles have a blunt tip, so they will not break the threads of your fabric.)